Meet the Team


Daisy J

'Events Assistant'

Daisy is a trained actor and  her favourite things are mermaids and dogs. Her favourite event season is Christmas when she transforms into Tinks the Elf!

Daisy T.jpeg

Daisy T

'Team Member'

Daisy T's favourite things are playing with the fairies, and the colour blue! 
Daisy T's favourite things about working with us is the sense of family and friendliness in our team, and getting the chance to run with her imagination! 

Daisy logo2020.png


'The Big Boss'

Emma brings all the girl power to the company and her favourite things are musicals and unicorns! Emma’s favourite thing about the company is getting to become a secret agent!

Iona M.png


'Team Member'

Currently studying a BA in Musical Theatre, Iona loves dancing and singing and could burst into song any moment! Her favourite thing about working with Daisy Entertainment is how much fun we have with all the children we work with. She particularly loves being an Astronaut and love bug!